[Philippine ACEN plans to complete 5GW renewable energy inallation target by 2025] ACEN Corporation, the energy business platform of the Ayala Group, is aggressively expanding its business to complete the target of 5GW of renewable energy installations by 2025. ACEN, which has achieved leapfrog growth in renewable energy assets from 0 to 1,000 megawatts (MW) in five years, said in its annual report that the company is building several projects simultaneously in 2023. Therefore, it is confident that the installed capacity target of 5 GW will be achieved by the end of 2025. ACEN's renewable energy assets have now reached 4.2GW. In addition to developing traditional renewable energy projects including onshore photovoltaic and onshore wind projects, ACEN will also study emerging technologies such as offshore wind and floating wind projects to expand its project capacity. The company currently has a concession project in the Laguna de Bay area of the Philippines, and will install floating photovoltaic projects. In the future, with 5 GW of renewable energy installed capacity, ACEN will further achieve a total of 20 GW of cumulative renewable energy installed capacity by 2030. In addition, the company also partially put into operation the Pagudpud wind power project in Ilocos Norte, Philippines last week, with an installed capacity of 160 MW, and 80 MW of capacity has been put into COD so far. Eric Francia, president of Acen, previously stated that the company's goal is to increase the operating capacity of the wind farm from 80 MW to 135 MW, and put the second phase of the project into operation in early 2023. Editor/Xu Shengpeng
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  • 2024.07.18 16:01
  • [Gezhouba Power won the bid for the Laos Khammounse Bangphi photovoltaic project]
  • China Energy Construction Gezhouba Power Company successfully won the bid for the first phase of the Khammounse Bangphi photovoltaic project in Khammoun Province, Laos. The project is located in the resource-rich Zhongnong Potash Fertilizer and Kaiyuan Potash Fertilizer mining area. Relying on the unique light conditions, the planned installed capacity is 50 MW, and a 115 kV booster station and a 10 MW/10 MWh energy storage system are built. The annual average power generation is expected to reach 95.46 MWh, fully meeting the power demand of the mining area. The implementation of the project is not only a key measure for the Lao government to promote the green transformation of the energy structure, but will also effectively alleviate the local power supply pressure and inject strong impetus into the sustainable development of the regional economy. Editor/Cheng Liting
  • 2024.07.18 15:07
  • [Debugging of Twin Towers and One Unit Solar Thermal Energy Storage Power Station]
  • Recently, Guazhou County in Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, has made significant progress in the field of energy technology - the world's first innovative "twin tower one machine" solar thermal energy storage power station. Its core project has officially entered the commissioning stage and is expected to achieve grid connected power generation by the end of 2024. As the core highlight of the 700000 kilowatt "solar thermal energy storage+" comprehensive project built by Three Gorges Hengji Energy in Guazhou, its uniqueness lies in the revolutionary dual tower and dual mirror field architecture design. Compared with traditional single tower and single unit solar thermal energy storage systems, this innovative design significantly enhances the efficiency of the absorption tower in capturing and converting solar energy. It is estimated that under the same conditions, its optical efficiency can be improved by about 24%, directly promoting a leap in power generation efficiency. In addition, the power station also integrates an advanced 6-hour molten salt thermal storage system, which not only has ultra long thermal storage capacity to ensure stable power supply even in low sunlight conditions, but also responds quickly, with stable and reliable output power, greatly optimizing the peak shaving ability of the power grid and demonstrating more outstanding energy management performance. Editor/Zhou Yingwen

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