[Hubei 200000 ton polycrystalline silicon project starts construction] Recently, Longchang (Hubei) Silicon Industry Co., Ltd., located in Dawu County Economic Development Zone, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, started construction of a 200000 ton annual polycrystalline silicon project. This project aims to process and produce high-purity industrial silicon through the recycling of discarded photovoltaic power panels and the purification and regeneration of waste silicon powder after photovoltaic crystal silicon cutting. The planned investment is 500 million yuan, covering an area of 110 acres and a factory building area of 80000 square meters. After all projects are put into operation, the expected annual output value is 2 billion yuan, the annual tax revenue is 60 million yuan, and 200 job opportunities are provided. The commencement of this project will further strengthen the recycling and utilization industry chain of waste photovoltaic modules, promote the efficient utilization of renewable energy, improve the resource utilization rate of the photovoltaic industry in Dawu County, and inject new vitality into the development of Dawu's green circular economy. Editor/Zhao E
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  • 2023.12.06 17:09
  • [Jilin 750MW wind power project approved]
  • Recently, the Jilin Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently approved the Songyuan Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park (green hydroammoniol integration) project (800,000 kW wind power generation project - wind power part). The project is located in Jiangueros Mongolian Autonomous County, Jilin Province, Haibozhigo town, Ulan Tuga town, Chaganhua Town, Ulan Tala Township, Red Star Ranch, Chaganhu town, the total construction scale of 750MW, the installation of a single capacity of 6.25MW wind turbines 116 units, a single capacity of 5.0 MW wind turbines 5 units, the total investment of the project 3780526 million yuan. Editor/Xu Shengpeng
  • 2023.12.06 17:08
  • [Huaneng Lingao 600MW Sea Breeze project started!]
  • On December 5, Huaneng started construction on Lingao Offshore Wind Farm, Hainan's first offshore wind power project, which is planned to install 600,000 kilowatts and will be fully completed by 2024. At the commencement ceremony, Deng Jianling, general manager and deputy secretary of the Party Group of China Huaneng Group Co., LTD., and relevant leaders of Hainan Provincial Party Committee and provincial government and heads of relevant departments jointly laid the foundation for the project. Huaneng Lingao offshore wind power project is one of the "14th Five-Year Plan" construction and production projects approved by the National Energy Administration in the "Hainan Offshore Wind Farm Project Planning", and is also one of the "14th Five-Year Plan" offshore wind power demonstration projects in Hainan Province. The project is located in the northwest sea area of Lingao County, Hainan Province. After completion, it can provide nearly 1.9 billion KWH of green electricity to Hainan every year, which is equivalent to saving 560,000 tons of standard coal and reducing 1.56 million tons of carbon dioxide. It has significant economic, social and environmental benefits, and is of great significance to the construction of Hainan's clean energy island and the extension and development of offshore wind power industry chain. Editor/Xu Shengpeng