18:12 2021.10.25

Sany Heavy Industry delivered 1,000 electric mixer trucks

Recently, the delivery ceremony of the first batch of 200 electric mixer trucks jointly held by Sany Heavy Industry and Zhengzhou Ruizhitong Transportation Co., Ltd. came to a successful conclusion. Orders for 1,000 electric mixer trucks were signed, and 200 electric mixer trucks were delivered. This is currently the largest electric product contract delivery activity in the country's concrete industry. Editor/Bao Hongying

17:02 2021.10.19

Dongfang Electric releases 13 MW offshore wind turbine

On October 18th, at the 2021 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd. held a press conference for 13 MW offshore wind turbines. At present, this type of unit has been put into production and the first unit will be rolled off the line at the end of 2021. It is currently the largest single-unit capacity and the largest impeller diameter permanent magnet direct-drive offshore wind turbine currently in production in Asia. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:26 2021.10.14

The world's first 10,000-unit hydrogen energy heavy truck industry chain

The inauguration and groundbreaking ceremony of Inner Mongolia Branch of SAIC Hongyan Automobile Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Jie Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. This move marked the official launch of the world's first 10,000-unit hydrogen energy heavy truck industrial chain project. The project has an investment of more than 2 billion yuan and is expected to reduce nearly 500,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year after completion. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

10:18 2021.10.14

Super Large Diameter Shield Machine Ingenuity One Rolls Off the Line

On October 12, 2021, the 16-meter super large diameter shield machine "Craftsman No. 1" developed by the China Railway 14th Bureau Group passed the factory acceptance and rolled off the assembly line in Nansha, Guangzhou. It will soon be shipped to the Jiangyin Jingjiang Yangtze River Tunnel Project. Editor/Sang Xiaomei

16:36 2021.10.09

Domestic hydrogen fuel cell forklifts realize mass commercialization

Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical held a ceremony on October 8 to officially accept 37 domestic hydrogen fuel cell forklifts and put them into production operation, realizing the replacement of the original internal combustion engine forklifts. This marks the first commercial application of domestic hydrogen fuel cell forklifts. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

17:38 2021.09.26

Cummins advances development of hydrogen fuel internal combustion engine

Cummins is currently advancing its hydrogen fuel internal combustion engine (H2-ICE) development plan. The company is developing a medium-sized 6.7-liter engine fueled by hydrogen and a heavy-duty 15-liter engine. Editor/Bao Hongying

17:47 2021.09.24

Weichai Lovol won another overseas order for 20 large-tonnage loaders

Recently, good news has been spread in overseas markets. Weichai Lovol Construction Machinery has won an order for 20 large-tonnage loaders in the South African market. This is another large order obtained after the previous order of 60 units. At present, the batch of orders has been shipped and delivered one after another. customer. Editor/Bao Hongying

11:48 2021.09.22

Sany Heavy Industry was awarded as a partner of the 2nd China-Africa Trade Fair

On September 18, the signing ceremony of the strategic partnership of the second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo was held in Changsha. Sany Heavy Industry officially became the chief strategic partner of the 2nd China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo. Editor/Bao Hongying

16:24 2021.09.18

China's high 10 MW offshore wind turbine rolls off the assembly line

According to China Shipbuilding News, a few days ago, the 8 MW series of offshore wind power generators independently developed by China Shipbuilding Corporation under China Shipbuilding Corporation successfully rolled off the production line. Good news is that China’s wind turbine has the largest wind turbine diameter and the highest sweeping area per kilowatt in the world. The 10-megawatt offshore wind turbines officially rolled off the assembly line in Zhuanghe, Dalian. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

09:58 2021.09.16

Hunan veteran scientific and technical workers visit Sunward Intelligent

On the morning of September 14, 2021, Cai Lifeng, vice chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology and a senior consultant specially invited by the Hunan Provincial Association for Science and Technology, and his party came to Sunward Intelligence to re-take the road of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Sunward Intelligence and understand Sunward's industrial development, Progress in scientific and technological innovation, project construction, etc. Editor/Sang Xiaomei

16:54 2021.09.15

Large-diameter TBM of China's plateau alpine railway

According to China Railway Corporation Limited, the first large-diameter TBM in China, the "Snow Pioneer", which is used on plateau and alpine railways, successfully achieved ground remote control and launch on the 14th, marking a step forward in the intelligent construction of long and large tunnels in China’s plateau and alpine regions. Enter a new stage. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:37 2021.09.14

Two departments: develop new vehicles such as ultra-high-speed trains

The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Science and Technology announced on the 13th the "Opinions on Speeding up the Construction of a Transport Powerful Country Driven by Scientific and Technological Innovation." The "Opinions" proposes to rationally coordinate the research on high-speed wheel-rail trains and high-speed heavy-haul freight trains. Strengthen the research and development of complete sets of technologies for autonomous transportation systems. Carry out the development of new types of transportation tools such as ultra-high-speed trains and ultra-high-speed commercial aircraft, and overcome the theoretical system and key technologies of submarine floating tunnels. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

09:53 2021.09.09

XGMA and hold a cooperation launch ceremony

On September 8, when the 21st China International Investment and Trade Fair in 2021 was grandly opened at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, XGMA and held the official launch of the industrial digital intelligence upgrade cooperation! Editor/Sang Xiaomei

16:29 2021.09.07

Development of the world's first commercial reactor carbon 14 targets started

China Nuclear Power News, on September 3, Qinshan Nuclear Power, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, and China Nuclear North Nuclear Fuel Element Co., Ltd. held the first batch of commercial reactor carbon 14 target development and launch video conference. It is reported that the use of commercial reactor irradiation to produce carbon 14 technology development project is the world's first case, and has now entered the implementation stage. The convening of this meeting marked the entry of a new stage of the radiation production carbon-14 project jointly carried out by the three parties. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

17:33 2021.09.02

Caterpillar provides engines that can use 100% hydrogen

Caterpillar announced on September 2 that it will begin to provide Cat® engine blocks that can run on 100% hydrogen at the end of 2021, including the use of fully renewable green hydrogen through customization. Editor/Bao Hongying

16:49 2021.09.02

Sales of heavy trucks and excavators in August fell 52% and 21% year-on-year

According to statistics, in August 2021, China's heavy-duty truck market is expected to sell about 62,000 vehicles of various types (invoicing caliber), a decrease of 19% month-on-month and 52% year-on-year, and sales volume decreased by nearly 70,000 from the same period last year. The latest data from CME Construction Machinery Network shows that in August 2021, the sales volume of excavators was about 17,200 units, a year-on-year growth rate of about -21%. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:38 2021.08.30

Hydrogen heavy truck demonstration line put into operation

On August 28, a demonstration line of one hundred hydrogen energy heavy trucks in Baoding was recently put into operation in Xushui District. It is reported that this is the first hydrogen-energy heavy-duty truck transportation line in China with a hundred-vehicle level and market-oriented operation. It will build a green ecological logistics system for Baoding, serve the Xiongan New Area, and play an important role in helping to achieve carbon peaks and carbon neutrality. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

11:28 2021.08.26

Mingyang Intelligent Launches the World's Largest Giant Offshore Wind Turbine

After the Chinese clean energy company Mingyang Smart Energy launched a 16-MW, 264-meter-high offshore wind turbine, the field of wind turbine developers building larger and larger turbines has become more crowded. Rated as the largest in the world. Editor/Bao Hongying

16:18 2021.08.24

Shenjiang No. 1 participated in the construction of the deepest submarine tunnel

On August 23, China's self-developed subsea tunnel shield machine rolled off the assembly line in Changsha, Hunan. The equipment shield machine has an excavation diameter of 13.42 meters, a total length of 130 meters, and a total weight of 3,800 tons. It will participate in the construction of China's deepest submarine tunnel-the Zhujiangkou Tunnel of the Shenzhen-Jiangmen Railway. The Pearl River Mouth Tunnel is a key control project of the Deep River Railway. "Shenjiang No. 1" crosses the section with a total length of 3590 meters. The entire line is tunneled downhill for a long distance and passes through the Pearl River estuary. The engineering geological conditions are extremely complicated. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:30 2021.08.16

The Canal, China's super-large-diameter shield machine, is put into use

The "Canal", a mud-water balance shield machine with the largest diameter domestically developed, designed and manufactured by China, was put into use in the Beijing East Sixth Ring Road Transformation Project recently. The "Canal", a super large-diameter shield machine tailored for the reconstruction of the East Sixth Ring Road, consists of a cutter head, a shield body and 5 sets of trolleys, with a total weight of about 4,500 tons. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:29 2021.08.16

For the first time, Fuxing ran China easternmost high-cold high-speed rail line

At 7:50 on August 15, the first CR400BF-G Fuxing high-cold EMU at the Mujia high-speed rail joint test site slowly pulled out from Mudanjiang Station. This is the first time that the Fuxing high-cold EMU participated in the Mujia high-speed rail joint commissioning. The joint test is also the first test run of the Fuxing Alpine EMU on the easternmost Alpine high-speed rail line in China. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

17:05 2021.07.28

Hyundai hydrogen heavy truck XCIENT will be put into operation in California

Hyundai Motor said on July 27 that the company was selected as one of the suppliers in the bid for the "California Harbor Green Truck Introduction Project" sponsored by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Energy Commission (CEC). Its large-scale hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks "XCIENT" will be put into operation in Northern California from 2023. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:04 2021.07.23

The world's first 500 kV economical high voltage AC current limiter

A few days ago, the world's first 500kV/90kA economical high-voltage AC current limiter developed by China Xidian Group successfully completed the manual short-circuit test and was successfully put into operation on the Shun-Guang-A line of the 500kV Guangnan Station. The successful operation of the project has filled the domestic economical AC ultra-large short-circuit current suppression technology gap, provided an economical and reliable solution for the suppression of high-voltage AC short-circuit current, and provided a strong guarantee for the reliable operation of the ultra-high-voltage large power grid. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:11 2021.07.22

Pterosaur UAV helps restore mobile phone signals in disaster areas

On July 21, the Ministry of Emergency Management urgently dispatched the Pterosaur UAV aerial emergency communication platform for a long-distance cross-regional flight. It took 4.5 hours to reach Gongyi City, Henan Province, and entered the communication interruption area of Mihe Town at 18:21, using Pterosaurs. The mobile public network base station carried by the UAV aerial emergency communication platform has realized a long-term and stable continuous mobile signal coverage of about 50 square kilometers. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:38 2021.07.19

High-speed maglev transportation system with a speed of 600 kilometers per hour

The reporter learned from CRRC Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. that the world's first high-speed maglev transportation system with a speed of 600 kilometers per hour will meet the world in Qingdao on July 20. This is currently the fastest ground transportation tool and a cutting-edge scientific and technological achievement in the field of rail transportation in the world. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:39 2021.07.13

Sany self-developed pure electric mixer truck delivered in batches

At the "Henan Province New Energy Loading and Transportation Vehicle Promotion and Application Work Meeting" held in Zhengzhou a few days ago, the pure electric mixer truck independently developed by Sany Heavy Industry was officially delivered in batches. This also indicates that the Zhengzhou concrete truck industry is expected to fully realize the development of electrification. It is understood that up to now, Sany Heavy Industry has successfully developed more than 20 pure electric engineering machinery and equipment, covering 3 major energy supplement routes such as pure electricity, electricity exchange, and hydrogen fuel. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:35 2021.07.13

The world's first anti-typhoon floating offshore wind turbine

On July 13, 2021, the world's first anti-typhoon floating offshore wind turbine was successfully installed in the Yangjiang waters of Guangdong. The successful installation of this wind turbine marked a zero breakthrough in the installation of floating offshore wind turbines in China, and laid a good foundation for the large-scale development of deep sea wind power in the future. The wind turbine on the platform is the world's first anti-typhoon offshore floating wind turbine, which can withstand up to 17 typhoons. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

17:17 2021.07.12

2021 Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Expo opens

On July 11, 2021, the 2021 Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Expo opened at the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 5,000 varieties and more than 10,000 units (sets) of agricultural machinery from home and abroad appeared at the exhibition. Among them, more than 80% of domestic agricultural machinery products have become the "protagonist" of this exhibition. Editor/Xing Wentao

17:17 2021.07.12

2021 Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Expo opens

On July 11, 2021, the 2021 Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Expo opened at the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 5,000 varieties and more than 10,000 units (sets) of agricultural machinery from home and abroad appeared at the exhibition. Among them, more than 80% of domestic agricultural machinery products have become the "protagonist" of this exhibition. Editor/Xing Wentao

17:09 2021.07.12

Domestic independent combustible ice drilling and logging technical equipment

China National Offshore Oil Research Institute Co., Ltd. announced today that the "domestic-made independent natural gas hydrate drilling and logging technology and equipment sea trial mission" supported by the national key research and development program "Ocean Gas Hydrate Trial Production Technology and Technology" is in the South my country Sea. The successful completion of the sea trial operation marks a significant progress in my country's marine gas hydrate drilling and logging technology. Editor/Xu Shengpeng